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Professional & bespokeIT Disposal Services
With no limit to quantity, and no limit to distance, we can provide a collection arrangement that suits any organisation.
All Data sanitised to...HMG Infosec Level 5
We remove all existing drive data using powerful hardware overwriting devices ensuring the highest levels of data destruction ...
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WEEE stands for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment, this is anything electrical that is unused, or ready for disposal such as decommissioned Computers, Laptops or Monitors ...
Coming soon... Live Asset Tracking
Our Manchester based Computer Recycling operations, provide an effective solution to deal with organisational IT Waste .

IT Equipment Disposal

Computer Waste Ltd is a leading recycling company providing IT Equipment Disposal & related services to some of the UK's largest organisations... NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON

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Our message is simple. No data leaves our recycling facility, full stop. Harddrives are wiped using HMG Infosec Level 5 capabilities or physically destroyed. Other media such as tape drives or storage perhiperals are physically destroyed in-house. Any other client related information such as asset tags, company documentation is removed or shredded

computer waste Ltd offers an excellent customer service package as part of our delivery to you. Each organisation we provide services to recieves a dedicated account manager along with a free WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) advice and query service

The majority of our collections are free of charge. In some cases we will even give you some funds back

PC Systems, Monitors, Laptops & other related hardware, contact us to discuss your requirements

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Recent News

Warehouse Expansion

computer waste Ltd is expanding its operations inhouse, building work is expected to take place from July 2013 onwards. The new improved warehouse facility will mean additional security and processing capabilities allowing us to process redundant IT Equipment faster without a compromise in quality.

computer waste Ltd wins multinational IT Disposal contract

Recent confirmation has meant that over 1000 IT assets from a multinational organisation including PCs, Monitors & Laptops will be recovered managed by us for data wiping and recycling during 2013/14.

Software company disposal partnership
We are currently in talks with a UK mainstream service support provider to provide IT Equipment Disposal Services to 100's of clients. Our UK logistics means that we can collect from any site, anywhere in the UK.

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