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We pride ourselves on providing a personal and friendly service, which is why our staff are trained to be courteous and helpful throughout your interactions with us. As part of the recruitment and employment process our staff are subject to periodic Personal Background Checks. This is the highest level check available to us. These checks are carried out to ensure that the staff we employ are able to carry out the job to the standard we and you, our clients, expect.


Our facility is located within a business complex on the outskirts of Oldham. This complex features locked gates and 24/7 Security. Not only that we continuously record all activity through the use of our external and internal CCTV systems. This ensures that we are covered should something go wrong.
During the processing of your equipment we remove any identifying marks from them making them virtually no different from the hundreds of other devices that pass through our facility on a dialy basis. These details are recorded and returned to you for your reference.
We spend time going through your consignment removing any documents, data cards, pen drives, CD-Roms and other related literature. Should we find any other material that is deemed to be of a sensitive nature we contact you to discuss how best to proceed with it. This process ensures that only the items/documentation you wish to be disposed of are processed.