Our Data Policy

This page outlines our policy regarding the handling of your data

Here at CWL we have a very strict Data Handling procedure. We pride ourselves on the fact that to this day we have had no breaches in this policy. Our Policy can be summarised in one sentence.

No Data leaves our Facility EVER

This is something we have stood by for as long as we have been in operation. Our staff are trained with this in mind from day one. We operate a large scale data destruction system, which utilises data destruction software compliant with US Military Specifications. This method of Data Destruction coupled with our Hard Drive Shredder has enabled us to receive ISO Accreditations for Data handling.

So, how do we do it

From the moment your equipment is collected and you have advised us on your chosen data destruction method (physical or software) our staff start working on segregating the devices.
Once your equipment has been sorted and recorded, the drives are physically removed from the machines and piled up ready to be processed. If you opt for physical destruction, they are placed into the Hard Drive Shredder to be destroyed. If you opt for Software destruction the drives are placed into our custom built machines which do nothing except data destruction. These machines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, carrying out data wiping procedure, using KillDisk 3 pass erasure software, designed to be irreversible.

How secure is the process?

In a word, Extremely.
Our staff never inspect the contents of the drives nor do they boot any of the machines beyond the POST screen. The only reason they are booted is to test that they are fully functional and suitable for recycling.

Due to the way we operate, you can rest assured that every step we take is with your data security in mind.

For further information and reading, please see our full Data Destruction and Sanitisation Policy here

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